Shadeboards OrangeBrush

OrangeBrush shadow boards

OrangeBrush is a new, recycled, high-quality line of cleaning materials. These work materials consist of up to 98% recycled plastic. With OrangeBrush, your company will meet state-of-the-art sustainability, safety and efficiency requirements.
Also contribute to a more sustainable world and circular economy and choose OrangeBrush!

  • Recycled working materials
  • Circular economy
  • Contribute to a better world!
  • Sustainable

Get in control with OrangeBrush!

With OrangeBrush shadow boards and work materials, you are assured of a safe and presentable workplace.
Work materials have a clear and fixed place. This prevents unsafe work situations as a result of brushes lying around and dissatisfied employees as a result of "mispacking".
Searching is no longer necessary, resulting in significant time savings!

  • Safe
  • Representative
  • Time-saving

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