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"A place for everything

and everything in its place".

What is a shadow board?

A shadow board is a board with pictures (shadows) of the working materials that are often used in that room.

Shadow boards have a fixed place, so that everyone knows where they can find e.g. the hand brush and the dustpan.

Shadowboards are easy to use, give a modern look and are the solution for work materials lying around.

If work systems are more logical, more can be done in less time, employees work more comfortably and are therefore more productive.

The advantages of a shadow board are:
tidy, well-organised, attractive appearance, increased occupational safety, increased motivation, increased productivity, sustainability and

"Last but not least, saving time, valuable working time!

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Old-New-2 Shadowboard-after

Advantages of a shadow board!

  • Never search again
  • Sustainable
  • Clear
  • Neat appearance
  • Everything in a fixed place
  • Tidy and hygienic

  • Higher productivity
  • Labour time savings
  • Increased safety
  • Audits
  • 5S
  • LEAN Management

No more leftover work materials!

Your customers and clients will see that you are professional with your business!

Durable because the work materials hang off the ground and therefore have a longer lifespan. 

OrangeBrush: From waste to a high-quality new product!

OrangeBrush is a new, recycled, high-quality line of cleaning materials. These working materials consist of up to 98% recycled plastic. With OrangeBrush your company meets the most modern requirements of sustainability, safety and efficiency!

Also contribute to a more sustainable world and a circular economy and choose OrangeBrush! 

  • Recycled working materials 
  • Circular economy 
  • Contribute to a better world!                            
  • Sustainable

VIP Custom Made Shadowboards

We can make your shadowboards entirely according to your wishes.
For example, Custom Made shadowboards with your own company logo, slogan, colours, work materials, texts and room designations such as TD or Expedition.
Please contact us and together we will look at what suits your company best and how many shadow boards you need.

Other shadow boards

In addition to the 5S shadowboards equipped with work materials such as a sweeper, hand sweeper and dust pan, we can also create a variety of other shadowboards for you.

You can think of VIP custom-made tool shadow boards, VIP custom-made first aid shadow boards, or a combination of different materials and so on.

With these solutions, you can supply each workstation or workshop with the materials that are actually used. This way, you avoid lying around and keep only the items you really need (5S)!

How can I order?

When you have made your choice and know which shadow board you want to order, add it to " Add to quotation".

You can choose to order only a shadow board including the stainless steel hanging brackets or you can order a shadow board including stainless steel hanging brackets and the corresponding coloured or OrangeBrush work materials.
You order a complete package, you only have to assemble it!

When your request/order is complete please fill in your contact details and press "send quote request".
Please add any questions you may have.
When we have received your request, we will contact you as soon as possible to discuss it.
Questions? Call us on (+31) (0)85-0081645

See here how our shadow boards are produced

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