IN CONTROL with OrangeBrush!
High-quality recycled cleaning materials for the
non-food industry!

OrangeBrush shadow boards

OrangeBrush is a premium line of non-food brushes and is made from recycled material. Both the plastic and the fibres consist of up to 98% recycled material. The material comes from the residual waste left over after the production of FBK's hygienic work materials.

By using this residual waste for the production of the OrangeBrush work materials, less new raw materials are used. From waste to a new quality product!

With OrangeBrush you meet the most modern requirements of sustainability, safety and efficiency.

Discover the many advantages

  • Work materials made of high-quality recycled plastic
  • Fits perfectly within 5S and Lean management
  • Durable and cost-effective due to long service life
  • User-friendly
  • Contributes to a better world and circular economy
Use the OrangeBrush work materials in combination with the OrangeBrush shadow boards and u are assured of a safe and representative workplace.

Work materials have a clear and fixed place. This prevents unsafe work situations as a result of brushwork being left lying around and dissatisfied employees as a result of "misplacing".
Searching is no longer necessary, which results in considerable time savings!

Also contribute to a more sustainable world and a circular economy and choose OrangeBrush!

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