Lean Management.

Lean management focuses on removing activities that are not necessary in a particular business process. It aims to remove waste from processes in order to better serve the customer.

Why Lean Management?

Lean Management ensures that the human capacities within a company or organisation are used in a smart way in order to create as much value for the customer as possible. A correct application of Lean Management ensures a more efficient organisation with a constant quality and a higher profitability.

But how does working with 5S shadowboards fit in? Lean Management?

The 5S method is a Lean tool to ensure that the working environment is always neat, tidy and organised. It contributes to better safety, better customer satisfaction, efficiency and employee satisfaction. The 5S method also ensures that there is less wastage, such as wastage of working time, waiting or searching for information, work materials and tools.

The 5s method consists of the following 5 steps:

In addition to the 5 steps as described above, we believe that the 5S method does not consist of 5 steps but of 6. 

The 6th step is S6: Safety


You want to sweep up something and are looking for the hand brush and the dustpan. Everyone uses it but no one puts it back because there is no fixed place for these materials. Materials are "strewn" about the workshop, which can also cause an unsafe situation, stumbling, "an accident is just around the corner".

By placing shadow boards, everyone knows where to get the work materials and, very importantly, where to put them back! Everything in a fixed place. You will prevent a lot of ERGERNIS and you will save a lot of time because you will not have to search for it anymore.  

Shadow boards help you to optimally apply the 5s method from Lean management. It ensures a safe, clean and sustainable working environment.

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