Shadowboard OrangeBrush 110×180 cm incl. materials

This OrangeBrush shadow board features a shadow/picture of a hand broom and dustpan, sweeper and floor squeegee 60 cm wide.
The shadow board is provided with slots in which you can easily place the included stainless steel hanging brackets to hang your work materials.
It is convenient, it works pleasantly, it increases productivity and it will also provide you with a great saving!

  1. Available in 1 colour
  2. Delivered with handy stainless steel hanging brackets for your work materials
  3. Including OrangeBrush work materials package consisting of; 1 OrangeBrush hand brush, 1 OrangeBrush dustpan, 1 OrangeBrush sweeper 60 cm incl. plastic handle, 1 OrangeBrush floor brush 60 cm incl. plastic handle.
  • Optimise your working environment
  • "A place for everything and everything in its place"
  • A neat and professional appearance for your company
  • 5S method - LEAN Management
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OBBR110180OR1 - Shadowboard OrangeBrush 110×180 cm incl. working materials.

OrangeBrush shadowboard with an image (shadow) of a hand brush and dustpan, 60 cm wide sweeper and a 60 cm floor brush. The striking orange/black striped edge ensures that this shadow board is clearly visible and stands out to your colleagues. The dimensions of this shadow board are 110 x 180 cm.

The shadow boards are provided with slots and stainless steel hanging brackets, which you can easily fix in the shadow board and on which you can hang the work materials.

Complete package including:
1 shadow board
4 RVS suspension brackets
OrangeBrush hand brush, dustpan, sweeper incl. handle and floor brush incl. handle

IN CONTROL with OrangeBrush! OrangBrush work materials are high-quality recycled cleaning materials for the non-food industry.
The materials of OrangeBrush are made of recycled, lightweight material. The fibres and the plastic consist of high quality recycled material. The material comes from the residual waste that remains after the production of FBK's hygienic brushes. By using this residual waste for the production of OrangeBrush work materials, less new raw materials are used. The OrangeBrush work materials ensure that you meet the latest requirements in the field of sustainability, safety and efficiency. Also contribute to a circular economy and order the working materials of OrangeBrush!

Recognisable? Always looking for the working materials?
Everyone uses the work materials but they are not put back. You are looking for a hand brush and a dustpan, for example, but you can't find them. The ERGERNIS that this results in, of not being able to find them, is often considerable. In addition, it also costs you a lot of time, valuable working time that is now lost! There is a solution, use 5S shadowboards!

  • 5S method
  • Everything has a fixed place
  • Longer life of materials = savings
  • Less irritation for employees when they cannot find the work materials
  • Saving valuable working time

5S shadowboards
"Get in control with our work materials and 5S shadow boards. You are assured of a safe and representative workplace. Materials always have a clear and fixed place. Prevent unsafe situations as a result of materials lying around. Prevent your employees from being dissatisfied (annoyance) as a result of not being able to find the work materials. When they no longer have to search, but can immediately grab the materials because they have a fixed place, this also saves you a lot of time! With a few adjustments and a small investment, working with 5S shadowboards quickly brings many benefits and profits!

  • Increased occupational safety
  • It is tidy and orderly
  • Neat and professional appearance
  • Uniform appearance, creates unity within various branches
  • LEAN management


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