FBK Suspension rail Aluminium 900 mm

  • The right solution for every application
  • Heat tolerance from -30°C to 134°C
  • Ergonomic and user-friendly
  • Very easy and good to clean
  • Available in 11 different colours


FBK 15153- Aluminium suspension rail 900 mm with end stop.  

This aluminium suspension rail is made to be fixed to the wall and is provided with 2 end stops. You can fill this aluminium rail yourself with the separately available clamps, suspension hooks and product shields.

This Aluminium Suspension Rail is available in 11 different colours.

Hygienic work equipment in combination with a shadow board gives you more ease of use, more comfort, it is tidy, organised, sustainable and safe.

Food safe and colour coded
FBK work equipment is food safe (extensively tested according to EU Regulation 10/2011/EC) and suitable for use in the food industry. The use of colour coding prevents the risk of cross-contamination. By using different colours in different areas, it is easy to work with colour coding. Each area has its own colour and all the working materials remain in the designated area. The materials of FBK are easy to clean.

Product safety is the highest priority at FBK and therefore they have developed a range of Metal Detectable products and Resin-Set products that ensure product safety even more!

Hygiene tools should be replaced when:
1) The rubber is worn and has become porous
2) The handle is damaged or broken
3) Food safety is endangered
4) Legislation prescribes that the hygiene tools must be replaced at certain intervals (also applies to quality control systems)

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White, Blue, Red, Yellow, Green, Black, Orange, Purple, Pink, Grey, Brown

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